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Croidin~11 ~ wallpaper Fracs 3:4 Size

Hi, I'm Croidin or JH (my initials). I'm from the Netherlands and love creating digital things others can use freely. Just in short some answers to much asked questions about my artworks:
1-Is credit required?
- Credit is not required.
2-If credits are needed, or if someone wants to credit me, what do i prefer?
- If someone WANTS/NEEDS to give credit while using only creations by myself: "(c) Croidin" is welcome.
3-Is it Okay if multiple PTD artists are used?
- Usage of my creations together with that by other PTD artists (that also allow it) is okay with me. A general creditting may be given as "credits to artists at".
4-Does a donation to a charity satisfy commercial use of my images?
- You may use the images to raise money for your school or class. For other commercial work, Please make a donation to one of our charities in our name. Of use the DFonate button on the home page.
Thank you and enjoy!
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Croidin has free graphics and free images for photo editing in Paintshop Pro®, PhotoShop® and other graphic editing software. Image-graphic-photo-tubes include art images of: Wallpaper Fractals.
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