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These are a few photographs I have taken. You can use them for backgrounds in PaintShop Pro or Poser or any other application you wish to. Most of these are high resolution and are in .JPG format. Click to open full size image in it's own window. If you desire, you can tube any images in the photos. Feel free to crop, re-color, fold, spindle or otherwise mutilate these in any way that serves your purposes. Credit is optional.
Thanks and enjoy

DogScout has graphics, images and photos. Many can be used commercially and for a logo, (with small donation on front page... you chose how much). Images for photo editing in Paintshop Pro®, PhotoShop® and other graphic editing software. Image-graphic-photo-tubes include art images of: The sea, Ocean, Surf, Flowers, Trees, Scenes, Waterfall, and Sunset - Sunrises.
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